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Terms & Conditions.

Booking a shoot

Get in contact either via email, phone or the contact form on my website and let me know when you’d like to book a shoot for and your phone number. I’ll give you a call and we can work out the best time of day, balancing out pretty golden hour light and your little ones schedule. To hold the time and date, you need to pay a non refundable deposit of £50 and then you’re good to go. This can be paid via Paypal or bank transfer.

The balance of your session fee is due the day before your shoot takes place.

Services I offer

Ahead of your session I can offer lots of advice on how to coordinate your family, styling and anything else you need to bring. We want you to look yourself and I want you to feel really comfortable, but I also know what will look lovely in your photos. I know what to wear and what not to wear.

During your shoot

I want to capture as much natural beautiful connection as possible, but I will direct you and guide you. Perhaps to some pretty light or position you in a certain way. I will talk to you and ask you questions, sometimes they might seem weird or funny but trust me - it’s all about getting beautiful natural images. Please advise in your client questionnaire if you think you'd like me to offer a lot of direction or none at all.

Unhappy children (and adults!)

One of my priorities is to make all little ones are as comfortable as possible during the session. Make sure they’re well fed, well rested and warm. All that being said, sometimes it’s unavoidable, but trust me when I say I’ve seen it all before (I have twin boys after all)! I leave plenty of time around the session so if we have to pause for feeding or just to regroup, we can. There’s absolutely no pressure, I want to make sure the photos are beautiful.

Rearranging your session if someone get’s ill?

I plan for up to two reschedules for illness or bad weather (see below), it goes with the territory when working with children.

Retouching images

I want to capture you just the way you are, the way your children will remember you for years to come. I can do some light retouching, my general rule is something isn’t going to be there in a week, like a bump on the head or a scratch, then I can re touch it, if you want something more then I can Photoshop for you for an additional fee of £25 per image.

Rearranging your session due to bad weather

Sessions will be rescheduled if it’s raining, storms or snow. Due to the great British weather I am unable to reschedule due to an overcast or cloudy day.

After your shoot

48 hours after your shoot you can see a sneak peek via my social media channels. If you do not wish me to share your images then I will send them to you as standard as part of your gallery.

Photo galleries are delivered within 1 month of the session unless otherwise agreed. You will be sent an email with a link to your online gallery where you will be able to view all your images. You have 7 days in which to make your image selection and your purchases.

Your digital images

You are not obligated to print through me and all digital images come with full print release. However, all my prints are professionally printed and unlike cheaper products will not fade over time. My camera and software are calibrated with the laboratory I use so your images will look exactly how they are intended to look in print. I’m unable to guarantee photographs printed through other laboratories or high street stores.

Purchasing at a later date

I keep your images stored digitally for 6 months following your session. After this time I do not guarantee being able to resend your images or deliver you more prints.

Please be aware of my opening hours

During term time my office hours are as below. I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can within these hours. I of course shoot sessions out of these times!

Term time - Monday - Friday 10am-2pm.

Please bear with me during the school holidays while I juggle motherhood and work

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