My Favourite Jumper // Childhood Portraits

I did a portrait session with my boys today. It’s been raining and pretty cold for August so I had this idea about them getting cosy in my favourite knitted jumper.

There’s something so nostalgic to me about wearing someone else’s favourite jumper. I remember being dressed in my mum’s pink knitted jumper when I was tiny on a rainy English beach after I’d got cold and wet. It came down to my knees. And I remember being about 17 and my boyfriend giving me his school rugby shirt that smelt of musky Lynkx. I thought I was the coolest girl ever. And then when I was heavily pregnant with the boys, my husbands hoodie was the only thing that fit. There’s nothing better than a favourite jumper.


Golden Hour on the Farm // Arundel Bridal Portrait Photographer

Well this session just filled my creative heart right up! Beautiful Kara, a beautiful dress and beautiful golden light - what’s not to love!

It rained on Kara’s wedding day two years ago and unbeknownst to anyone in the congregation, Kara was a few weeks pregnant with baby Bodhi. So Kara and I talked about her putting her wedding dress back on to capture some beautiful images in golden light. And boy did we do just that!

July 2019 - Wilderness Woods, East Sussex

Ahh Wilderness Woods in East Sussex. I breathe a little easier when we pull up in the car. Anticipating freedom to play, not needing to tell my boys to be quiet, to not yell with glee as they race through the woods - or let’s be honest, yell at me for going the wrong way. And all of that is before we even get to the glorious cafe serving the most delicious wholesome and healthy meals. If you haven’t been, you must!

Summer nights at Billycan Camping, West Sussex

We are so lucky to get to spend so much time at this little slice of heaven! Billycan Camping is a glamping site in Arundel, West Sussex, where children can run free and you can cook over open fires. Our history with this special spot goes way back, we got married there in 2013 and it actually inspired our move from London to Arundel! Now working there all these years later with my boys in tow is pretty special!

In the hottest week of the year we snuck away for a little stay, catching grasshoppers, water fights, cooking fresh lobster and sleeping under canvas.

Billycan Camping still have some availability over the summer holidays - if you decide to stay give me a shout and I’ll see you there!

Keeper Tees // Sussex Brand Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Sally at Keeper. A beautiful artist who creates ethical and sustainable t-shirts that are made for keeps. Sally has a growing cult following including celebs like Fearne Cotton. It was an absolute pleasure styling and photographing her current collection, we also sat down afterwards to discuss the best ways Sally could utilise her new imagery for marketing and social media.

Here’s a peek at some of my favourite photos, as modelled by the beautiful Kara.


Notes from a Sussex family photographer: Why I'm going all in!

If you know me, you’ll know I treat every photo session like a day out with friends. We have fun, we laugh, we get grubby, we talk about all the love in your family, occasionally we get deep. I believe your session tells a story of a precious moment in time with your children. That’s why I’m passionate about giving you every single one of those memories we create.

My family package includes the photography session at an outdoor location we all love, hand editing by me of all your best images and delivery of an online gallery. Now it also includes all of your edited images for you to download and share to your hearts content. Plus a box of high quality 5x7 prints of all your images. I want you to have it all!


My sessions are now either booked as a morning or afternoon slot - no set time frames, no time limits. So if your child is a little shy, your baby needs a feed or you take a little time to come out of your shell, we have plenty of time. It’s really important to me that you enjoy the session because I know that if you’re happy and relaxed, everyone else will be too!

Morning sessions start around 9.30 am, afternoon sessions should start two hours before sunset.

So it’s just one family package - two simple prices, one for week days and one for the weekend. That’s it!


£320 weekdays, £345 weekends and bank holidays

So am I the right photographer for you?


When I think about the images I create, I think about my own family moments I want to cherish and even more importantly, the images I think my boys will cherish when I’m long gone. They’re not of us all looking perfect in our Sunday best. They’re of us in our most beautifully presented real state, our personalities shining through.

I don’t always want everyone to be looking at the camera, sometimes I want everyone to be looking at each other, the people they love most in the entire world. My editing has been described as gritty and raw.

If that sounds like you and your family, I’m the photographer for you!

It’s not a prerequisite, but I also adore children and families who love the great outdoors, where the wild is their playground. Whether it’s the beach, the woods, the mountains, the fields or even the sea! We can explore together and make your photo session an adventure you’ll want to remember forever.


Notes from a Sussex family photographer: "I only want my kids in the photos"

Hey you! Yes you. The mumas who 99.9% of the time are the ones who are booking me for a family photo session. I want you in the frame!!!

I hear it time and time again and it makes me so sad every single time. Mummies who book with me book a session but only want their kids in front of the lens. Or who book a family session with the huge caveat that they don’t look their best, that they haven’t bounced back after having a baby, that they hate the way they look.

I’m with you, I really am, but guess what? I don’t want to take a picture of you for you, I want to take a picture of you for them. Because to your children, at this very moment you are the most wonderful, beautiful, lovely, kind woman to walk the face of this earth. To them, you are perfect. And they will want to remember you holding them, making them laugh, wiping a grazed knee, cuddling away tears - every single moment. Just the way you are. You are the most important character in the story of their childhood and they will want images that bring back those memories of safety, security, laughter and fun.

And once I’ve managed to persuade you to get in front of my camera, I really encourage all the mothers I work with to not look at their perceived flaws when they look at one of my photos but to look at the way their babies look up to them. The way they make their children laugh. The way they make their partners smile with pride.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out these gorgeous mummies and the beautiful photos of them with their children. All of these women were hesitant about stepping in front of the camera, but then they would have missed out on these magic images that will be treasured.

Is there anything holding you back from getting in the frame?

The wild is our playground

For those of you who listened to my podcast earlier this week, you’ll know something that I’m truly passionate about is getting kids outside as much as possible.

Not a day goes by where my boys aren’t outside for a few hours a day - sun, snow, sleet and showers! To be honest if I don’t get my boys outside everyday then my house would be destroyed (more than it currently is)! But also I firmly believe in the emotional and physiological benefits to un structured, outdoor play.

The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.
— Unknown

It’s a sad fact that children are less physically active than even we were as kids - despite less information about junk food. Now even with a better understanding of nutrition, kids these days still have lower muscle strength with higher rates of obesity. But it goes further than that, yes climbing trees will make a child strong, but it will also improve their balance, teach them to take risks, work as a team by helping each other and encourage their imagination when they turn that tree into a pirate ship!


So let’s get them outside! The woods, the beach, the fields and the park. Running free in the wild, just like they’re supposed to. And maybe, heaven forbid even getting a bit bored…. as the saying goes, creativity is just on the other side of boredom!

To inspire, I’ve set up a new hub on Instagram, The Wild Is Our Playground sharing beautiful images celebrating children who play, learn and love life outside. I’ll also be sharing information I find about raising outside wildlings for those who are interested.

I’d love to hear about some of the things you do to get your kids outside and be sure to tag your own adventure images with #thewildisourplayground.