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It's me!

A dreamer with a dry sense of humour and a passionate personality.


I'll always prefer sitting around a campfire having deep conversations with a few good friends than a night on the town.


Happiest in my van, living on the road with my best mate turned husband, our kiddos & dog.


I firmly believe that tea tastes better outside, even more if I've just had a swim in the sea.

"InTo the wild I go, Losing my waY & Finding my soul"

I’ve always been one of those people who notices details - the way the light falls through the trees, children's grubby knees after running in the woods, scuffed welly boots, the way my son twiddles his fingers through my hair, little looks and tiny smiles. And I've always loved photographing these details, committing them to memory for years to come.

In 2017 I couldn’t keep a lid on my passion for photographing these moments any longer and made the resolution to take photography more seriously and set up my business.

My work combines my passion for love, wild freedom and adventure. I  capture emotional, soulful images that tell your story of this very moment. The moments that are a part of your everyday right now, which will be cherished memories in years to come.

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