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Wedding Photography in Devon

Simply put, I love love. And capturing the story of love in all of its forms is a huge honour of my job - whether that be on a BIG day you've spent months planning or just an ordinary day when it's just the two of you.

I will let you into a secret though, straight off the bat, I am not a wedding photographer. There are plenty of specialist wedding photographers out there who shoot multiple weddings a week and that's not me.  


I am a people photographer and I am brilliant at photographing people whatever they're up to that day. I'm always on the look out for the magic moments, the tiny details and the secret smiles. That's what I capture best. I also get incredibly invested in your story. I will cry at the speeches  and the vows for sure and I will fall in love your with granny and play with the flower girls. I don't shoot multiple weddings a year, just a handful for some very special people and I firmly believe that the right couples will fall in love with my work and find their way to me.

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my wedding packages

Like all of my work, I mix posed and natural photos. I work with youto capture your day and all the people there. The natural emotions, the stories that unfold. I can also takes some posed photos which are often a favourite among family members!

I will most likely be the person you see most on the day, more than your parents, your bridal party or even each other! I don't take that lightly, its really important we're on the same wave length and we get to know each other.


I start with a chat on the phone with both of you, included in my wedding day packages is also an engagement session. You'll get some beautiful photos but it will also be an opportunity for us all to get to know each other.

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the details


I want to keep things simple for you. I offer three packages , all include an engagement session, all your photos from that session and your wedding are sent to you in high resolution via an online gallery. All my packages include me as your primary photographer. If after we've spoken about the size of your wedding and your plans for the day, I will discuss with you the option of getting a second shooter on board to assist on the day. I don't want any surprises for you so everything

will be clear before you book.



Two hours of wedding coverage. Just a handful of guests and a perfectly formed small wedding. You may just want me to capture the ceremony and a little bit of the reception.




Four hours of wedding coverage. You've been planning your wedding for a while, looking at all the details and making Pinterest boards. A ceremony, some portraits and a bit of your reception is what you're after.




Eight hours of wedding coverage. This is going to be the event of the year. You've been planning it for years and every element has been thought out and planned. I will be there with you from start to finish. 

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