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Crafting Beauty in Salcombe: A Morning with Potter Kitty Ward at Her Enchanting Studio

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending a delightful morning with Kitty Ward, a talented potter with the most charming rustic studio nestled in Salcombe, Devon.

Kitty's journey into pottery began during lockdown, where she discovered a profound passion – and talent! - for the craft. If you're familiar with my blog post on "Slow Pots and Missed Magic," you'll understand my own (unrequited) love for pottery so it was a dream to visit her space and see her work.

Her pottery exudes a lightness yet homely quality that is simply beautiful. Nestled in the heart of Salcombe, just a stone's throw from the water, Kitty's new studio is a perfect blend of light, rustic charm – everything one could wish for in a creative space.

Before our branding photoshoot, Kitty candidly shared her hesitancy about being in front of the camera. It's a sentiment I often encounter with my clients, but one I'm well-equipped to address.

We discussed our vision for the photos, what she might use them for and the styling – a combination of portraits capturing her in her creative space alongside her masterpieces. To align our expectations, I shared a Pinterest board showcasing similar images as inspiration to ensure we were both on the same page.

I really love how these photographs turned out – vibrant and rich and a testament to the space and the work she creates.

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