Notes from a Sussex family photographer: Why I'm going all in!

If you know me, you’ll know I treat every photo session like a day out with friends. We have fun, we laugh, we get grubby, we talk about all the love in your family, occasionally we get deep. I believe your session tells a story of a precious moment in time with your children. That’s why I’m passionate about giving you every single one of those memories we create.

My family package includes the photography session at an outdoor location we all love, hand editing by me of all your best images and delivery of an online gallery. Now it also includes all of your edited images for you to download and share to your hearts content. Plus a box of high quality 5x7 prints of all your images. I want you to have it all!


My sessions are now either booked as a morning or afternoon slot - no set time frames, no time limits. So if your child is a little shy, your baby needs a feed or you take a little time to come out of your shell, we have plenty of time. It’s really important to me that you enjoy the session because I know that if you’re happy and relaxed, everyone else will be too!

Morning sessions start around 9.30 am, afternoon sessions should start two hours before sunset.

So it’s just one family package - two simple prices, one for week days and one for the weekend. That’s it!


£320 weekdays, £345 weekends and bank holidays

So am I the right photographer for you?


When I think about the images I create, I think about my own family moments I want to cherish and even more importantly, the images I think my boys will cherish when I’m long gone. They’re not of us all looking perfect in our Sunday best. They’re of us in our most beautifully presented real state, our personalities shining through.

I don’t always want everyone to be looking at the camera, sometimes I want everyone to be looking at each other, the people they love most in the entire world. My editing has been described as gritty and raw.

If that sounds like you and your family, I’m the photographer for you!

It’s not a prerequisite, but I also adore children and families who love the great outdoors, where the wild is their playground. Whether it’s the beach, the woods, the mountains, the fields or even the sea! We can explore together and make your photo session an adventure you’ll want to remember forever.